The Forever Spot by Coeio

The green option for pet burials


Your pet’s return to earth leaves the environment better-off


Spend meaningfully on an effective, breakthrough product



Bury your pet in a special spot and return them to the circle of life


Our patent-pending material is 100% biodegradable and made locally in California


Roll up the sides and pull the drawstring to easily cover and carry your pet


Mushrooms and other organisms infused into the cloth will cleanse your pet’s body of environmental toxins and generate new life around their burial site


“I’ve been interested in Coeio’s products for my end-of-life planning for some time. Given that, why wouldn’t I consider that option for our family pet as well? I’m proud to say my wirefox terrier’s burial will be true to the earth, the way he would want it to be. — David

“It is difficult to think about my dog, Dirk, dying. But it makes me feel good to have a plan in place as he nears the end of his life. I was drawn to Coeio because of the important work they are doing to create funereal products that are not only nondestructive to the planet, but also have a beautiful connection to the natural cycle of life. Talking with the staff at Coeio has been a great experience. They are helpful, thoughtful, and genuinely interested in helping people through loss.” — Coral

“Our 20 lb dog Tashi , was a rescue that was terrified of everything when he came home with us 7 years ago. Now at 14 he is still unassuming, actually shy, and when the time comes we would like to have a safe & quiet burial for him in his yard. Having Coeio’s shroud on our shelf is the perfect gentle solution. It’s just what we were looking for.” — Gina

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