It’s hard to say goodbye to your pet.

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The Forever Spot by Coeio

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Direct Burial

The soft, organic cotton Forever Spot Pet Burial Shroud rolls up and closes with a drawstring to make it easy for carrying & burying your pet directly into the ground

Ash Burial

Our brand-new 100% organic cotton Pet Pod allows you to bury your pet’s ashes under a tree and safely transform them into nutrients

Ash Burial

Our brand new Scattering Urn, made of all-recycled cardboard, allows you to minimize your environmental impact while scattering your pet’s ashes in a special spot

Shipping and Delivery

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    • If you need a rush order, send an email to hello[at]

Free guide to pet loss

    • This bonus is included with every purchase!
    • Receive helpful tips in evaluating cremation or burial options
    • Get resources on managing grief, whether its your own a loved one’s

Why Choose The Forever Spot for Burial?

> Your pet’s return to nature is beneficial for the environment

> The soil is primed for planting a tree or another living memorial

> The products are inexpensive compared to other options

Return your beloved pet to nature in the most dignified, loving and environmentally friendly way


Our patent-pending material is 100% biodegradable and made locally in California


Roll up the sides and pull the drawstring to comfortably cover and carry your pet


Mushrooms and other organisms infused into the cloth will cleanse your pet’s body of environmental toxins and generate new life around their burial site


Bring any Forever Spot product to your veterinarian and they can place your beloved pet in it after you have said your goodbye.


The Forever Spot line is compatible with vets’ end of life practices and storage.


You can bury your pet in The Forever Spot product without the need of any additional containers or materials.

Our First Pet Burial

“I can’t express the complete and utter sadness of her loss – but the shroud gave both of us SUCH A HUGE sense of warmth and relief. She’s buried under a lemon tree she loved to play under. We made sure she had her snacks and toys with her. The instructions were so clear, and the material was so grounding. I never could have imagined something so beautiful. I literally love you for your spirit and genius. I believe in Coeio so, so deeply.”

Roya: On burying her cat, Bonus

All our materials are 100% safe, organic, and natural: organic cotton, mushrooms and other organic materials. Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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