Hallie the Corgi’s Green Pet Burial

How pre-planning for a pet’s burial brought great comfort to Hallie and Judd

Coping with the impending loss of a pet is a challenging time for every pet parent.  Judd and his family began to plan how they wanted to say goodbye to their beloved dog Hallie as she aged. Judd explained that at seventeen, “Hallie seems to recover from everything, but she is well past expectations for the breed.” After accepting that it was time to plan, Judd decided on a green burial rather than cremation for Hallie. In February 2016, Judd wrote into The Forever Spot and shared his plan. “We plan to bury in in our backyard when she dies and it would be great get a Forever Spot Shroud to send her body back into nature. I think you have a beautiful idea.”

That summer, we heard from Judd that the time had come to say goodbye to Hallie. Being prepared with The Forever Spot shroud was comforting to both Judd and his corgi.

“Having the shroud available when we took our pet corgi in for euthanasia was a godsend. It’s a very soft and comfortable blanket. She was very comfortable and felt comfortable in the shroud. Hallie was laying on the shroud when she died, she seemed to accept it.

“After euthanasia, Hallie was wrapped in the shroud. Receiving her in the shroud was very comforting to us. When it came time for burial, we placed her in the center of the shroud, folded it over her and tied it with the supplied tie.  We are happy to have her in the backyard where we leave her to rest knowing that her body would fully return to nature. Some flowers bloomed just as we buried her.”

Judd’s plan and decision to have a green pet burial using The Forever Spot pet shroud eased the pain of saying goodbye to his longtime friend Hallie. For Judd and his family, burial was “more valuable than cremation, because you get to keep the body, see the process and be a witness. The memory of the shroud continues to provide comfort.”