Olive the Rottweiler’s Green Pet Burial

Another story of saying goodbye

Sometimes the loss of a pet can happen suddenly. In October of 2016, Patti felt something on the back of her senior Rottweiler, Olive. Patti took Olive to the veterinarian and learned that Olive had bone cancer and did not have long to live. As soon as she got home, Patti made an appointment with a mobile vet to come the following week and put Olive down. She also put in a rush-order for the Forever Spot Pet Shroud, which arrived just before Olive’s scheduled euthanasia.

Given that Olive was a larger dog, Patti wondered whether the shroud would fit. When the time came, Olive fit very snugly in the soft, organic cotton container. Her body and legs had naturally curled up after passing, which made it easy to wrap her in burial cloth and carry her outside.

Patti chose The Forever Spot because the idea of returning her pet’s remains to the soil and nurturing the plants was appealing. In choosing between burial and cremation, Patti expressed that she had cremated a few pets before and she didn’t like the “gap in the time between giving away a pet to when the ashes return… burial, on the other hand, has continuity.”

On top of continuity, burial made Patti feel unexpectedly grateful for the chance to dig Olive’s grave. She hadn’t planned to do so because Olive was so big. But on the morning of Olive’s burial, the person who was supposed to dig Olive’s grave was unable to make it. This turned out to be a gift, as Patti found solace in doing one last act of service for Olive. Before completely covering Olive’s body, Patti brought out her living dog to see Olive and grieve at her side. She remembers vividly, “It was really sad for all of us.”

After covering Olive, Patti planted a fig tree on top of her grave. She initially wanted to plant an olive tree, but the climate was not fit for the plant. Patti plans to add her previous pets’ ashes around Olive and place memorial stones over each of their special spots. “It feels like Olive and my other darlings are still here when I look out into the garden and see that growing fig tree. It gives me a lot of peace knowing Olive in the garden spurring new life and a healthier environment through Coeio’s mushroom technology.”