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Legally burying pets & the Green Pet Burial Society

In the United States, the legality of burying your pet on personal property is no easy question.

State laws and local ordinances define burials in most places. For example, the state of Virginia allows for pet burials on personal property. However, Fairfax County deems burials illegal if the pet was euthanized. They also specify that the body must be below 2ft of gravel or dirt, 25ft away from any pond or stream, and 100ft from the water line.

To find similar information for your area, Google the Animal Services division for your county.

There are also entire cemeteries devoted to pets, which can be found on the website for the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. However, very few of these cemeteries can be considered “green” by the materials used to conduct the burials and maintain the area.

This is where the Green Pet Burial Society comes in.

The Green Pet Burial Society was founded by Eric Greene to promote earth-friendly options for the disposition of loved one’s remains, reconnect animals with nature in life and death, and explore personal and cultural experiences of mourning within interspecies families. One of the Society’s projects is advocating for “whole family” cemeteries, burial grounds where people can be buried with their pets.

An inventory of “whole family” cemeteries is kept for the United States and some countries internationally.

The Society also has numerous other projects, such as changing legislation for pet cemeteries to be indefinitely protected and mobilizing local communities to establish new pet cemeteries. Visit the website to get involved!

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