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“My dog just died — what do I do?” Part 2

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This is the option veterinarians most often offer, especially if your pet passes away from applied euthanasia. Few veterinary clinics conduct cremations themselves, but they partner up with pet crematories in the area to conduct the service for them. The benefit of working with a vet — rather than going to a crematory yourself — is that the vet will handle moving your pet’s body and sending you their remains.

If your pet passes away naturally or you would like more options, you can contact a pet crematory directly. Most pet crematoriums will have the option for your pet to be dropped off or picked up. Though death does not know time, there is unfortunately often an added cost to picking up your pet outside regular business hours. If you need more time and are comfortable with the idea, you can store your pet for months in a freezer.


One of our partner crematories in Virginia, USA

When you reach a vet or crematory, you will be asked whether you’d like your pet cremated individually or communally. Being cremated alongside other pets tends to be cheaper, but you probably won’t have the option of getting your pet’s ashes back. If you can ask for your pet’s ashes back, you cannot be sure that those ashes are only your pet’s. Being cremated alone delivers the promise of receiving only your pet’s ashes, but of course comes at a higher cost. We’ve found pet cremations cost $150-300 depending on the size of your pet.


The Forever Spot Pod and Scattering Urn

When your pet’s ashes are mailed to you, they will arrive in a plastic bag inside a plain tin or wood box. You can pay for a decorative urn for your pet’s ashes ahead of time, and usually a pawprint or lock of fur as keepsakes. While these are good options and commonly used, we believe The Forever Spot Pet Pods and Scattering Urns make much better choices. Unlike traditional urns whose only purpose is to hold remains, the design behind the Forever Spot products create rituals for saying goodbye. Compared to human funerals, memorializing pets has very few guidelines. Those who cremate their pet often feel “it all happened so quickly” and those who don’t get ashes back feel they “didn’t get a proper goodbye”.

The Pod and Scattering Urn provide ways to take back the beauty of having a ritual and honoring your pet’s life. By detoxifying ashes, amending the soil, and planting a living memorial over your pet’s grave, The Forever Spot will give you a proper chance to say goodbye while offsetting the environmental impact of cremation.

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